First Time Home Buyers

Our experience with Joe Villemaire was so great! My boyfriend and I just recently worked with him to find our first home. We met with Joe to find out what we were looking for in a home and he helped us make a list of things we do/don’t want, our price range and locations we were interested in. Once  he had an idea of what we were looking for, he would consistantly notify us of available listings he thought would interest us. He would quickly make appointments for us to view the property, so we wouldn’t miss out from other offers. When we viewed the properties, he would thoroughly go through the place with us and point out things we should know about and he would remind us of our list of things we do/don’t want in a home. This definitely helped us out with things we may have overlooked. If we had any questions for him or needed anything at all, He was quickly responsive. He always got back to us right away and even while Joe was on a vacation, he still kept in contact with us. I thought this was amazing, since it was cutting into his personal time. I sent him an email saying we were interested in a property and he responded that day and lined up someone from his team to show us the property. When we finally found a home we loved(that his father built), he made sure we were aggressive as we had to be since their was another offer on the home. He gave us advice on pricing and was honest about how much the property was worth. After closing on our first home, he was there congratulating us with a gift basket. So nice! He still checks up on us to see how our home is coming along. He really made us feel important in our home buying process. He truly made this experience so great and easy for us! I would highly recommend Joe Villemaire to anyone!

— Michaela, Colchester