Are you ready to become a home owner?

As Spring arrives, the smell of home ownership for many is permeating the air. They’re wrapping up another year of paying down their landlords mortgage, creating wealth for someone other than themselves and their family.

When the time is right and you are ready to make the exciting transition to becoming a home owner, having the proper guidance is key. There are a lot of moving parts within a real estate transaction…I mean you wouldn’t go into replacing an engine on a car for the first time without any one working with you, guiding you through each step and looking out for you would you?

Working with a Realtor…let’s call us a Property Consultant, or a Real Estate Educator, as that is really what we are doing. A lot of buyers today can find their own homes online and even decide if that property works for them. But as real estate agents today, we are there for the guidance to help get that buyer to the closing table and protect them along the way. The transaction can be a very emotional process and buyers need someone in their corner. What Rockstar Real Estate offers is that comfort so you can be at ease and just look forward to walking in the door for the first time as a home owner.

With the market we are in right now in Chittenden County, which is a strong sellers’ market, navigating and educating a buyer what to expect right from our first sit down/consultation is key. The days of ‘getting a great deal’ might not be on the table; it is more how do we construct our offer to look better than another buyers as to secure that home for our client?

A few key tips for a buyer to think about before starting your home search online:

  • Meet with a lender before even beginning your search. They are going to paint that picture of what to expect financially; interest rates, credit score, income level and what you have for cash on hand all play a part if you can even qualify to purchase a home. You don’t want to get excited about something before you even know it is on the table for you.
  • Find a Realtor that is ready to work for you, and create that relationship you need to feel comfortable during the buying process and after. Choose that agent that you would want to invite back to the house months after closing just to show off the home after settling in.
  • Be ready to move quick if you find the house that fits your needs. If you walk in a home and from the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave, it feels right…than it probably is.
  • Be prepared to offer strong. In a seller’s market the seller is holding the cards, and the potential for multiple offers is there. If you are looking at a difference of only a few thousand, which is a small impact on your monthly, that little extra might get your offer accepted over someone else’s…or just be slightly more attractive so a seller accepts quickly as to prevent the time for another buyer to get their foot in the door, which could drive the price up higher.
  • Try not to get too emotional too early. Getting a home under contract is just step one, getting to the closing table is a whole different story. It is easy to let your emotions take over and you start making decisions based on that, this is where you can potentially make the wrong decision.
  • Get out there and have fun with it. This is an exciting time, you are making a big step to creating wealth, don’t take that for granted. 

Let us at Rockstar Real Estate at KW Vermont get you home!